Our Mission

“Addiction is a war and a war can’t be won without soldiers”

Spiritual Soldiers was created as a movement, a way of life. A call to arms to raise awareness for addiction.
With help from all communities, our mission is to offer help to anybody struggling with anything relating to addiction. Whether it is an addict themselves or a family member of an addict. Having been there ourselves we do our best to try to help and guide people towards a solution.We currently operate a drop-in anytime "Spiritual Soldiers Coffee Compound" where people can share their experiences and learn from others. We go by the belief "Only an addict that has been through hell themselves can truly help another addict out."
In the future we plan to launch a second location for the Spiritual Soldier’s Coffee Compound in a new city as well as the creation of a day program in Windsor Ontario. The day program will give individuals awaiting treatment the opportunity to receive counselling and learn the tools required to live a happy and sober life.
The coffee shop(s) are and always will be run by recovered addicts with the hope to connect people in recovery with other sober individuals. Our motto is "Integration instead of isolation."
We would like to ask you to join this mission with us and fight back against the global epidemic of addiction. Any way you help us, whether it is by dropping in to the coffee shop, purchasing a drink, a piece of clothing in-store or online goes towards our operating costs and helping us continue to do what we do.

“What we can’t do alone, we can surely do together”
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