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Moving Forward - FUTURE EVENTS

Spiritual Soldiers
Coffee with a cause, clothing with a cause, sober social.

We here at Spiritual Soldiers want to remind you that we exist because of you that have supported and continue to support us and we are here for you. Therefore we would like to create events that are in tune with what our followers and supporters would like to see. We try not to preach, we try not to stick to one message or solution. What we want to do moving forward is to carry the importance of unity and fellowship.

We want to provide a venue to those that want the chill vibes of a community coffee shop and the social aspect of a bar or club without all the negative aspects and drugs  and alcohol usually associated with that. A social club of sorts to house events, live music, board games, karaoke, etc. A place to go and have fun when you want to avoid the downtown bar scene. 

We have had plenty of people reach out to us and are starting to create events such as the comedy and improv night picture below. We want to be more than just a coffee shop associated with recovery. We want to give EVERYONE a place to go enjoy a fun sober atmosphere and enjoy each others company. A place filled with laughter, culture, art, and trying to build a local scene that isn't based around a nightclub or bar vibe. 

We will be having all sorts of new ideas such as the poster you see above. If you have something, come to us and maybe we can collaborate together!

We will continue to create both fun events and more serious informative events.  We have listened to the feedback and are working on it.

Most importantly we would like to know what you think we should do? What would make you come in to the compound? What would you like to do? We provide the venue for all of us to enjoy.  

So let us know either via one of our social channels or in the comments section below. and remember to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the things that will continue to happen.

The original  cause and mission will forever remain the same as far as breaking the stigma on addiction and to show others that you can have fun in a sober environment. But by just focusing on a recovery scene we realized it is still isolation in a way. When one recovers they should be free to have fun in any environment around any and all types of people and that is what we strive to achieve. You should not be afraid to involve yourself with any and all crowds. THE COMPOUND IS A PLACE FOR EVERYONE. 

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