Spiritual Soldiers
The Community Project

Spiritual Soldiers was created as a movement, a shared purpose to create change for a new way of life. 

This is a call to arms to raise awareness and break the stigma on addiction. To take away the misconception that "it could never happen to you" and place it right in your backyard. The reality is everyone is or has known someone who has been affected by addiction. 1 in 5 people are suffering from addiction in Canada alone. Only about 11% of that population is able to get help through treatment. Whether that is due to lack of support, space or funding, this is unacceptable. All profits are used to fight the war against addiction. Through our clothing and community coffee shop/sober bar we want to instill a message: Give back to those struggling with such issues in the community.

As you know last year we had our inaugural Gala for Spiritual Soldiers which was an overwhelming success and helped us secure a location and provided us with start up funds to open the doors to the Spiritual Soldiers Coffee Compound.

The shop is ran by recovered addicts with life experience who were also affected by the addiction with the support of our sponsors and community we were able to create a safe haven for people who have chosen to live a sober way of life and connect them with other like minded individuals.

We were planning to have another Gala yet again this year marking the 1 year anniversary of Spiritual Soldiers and hoped to raise some more funds so we can keep this mission growing.However, due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to do that this year.

Our only option currently is to hopefully raise some funds via online platforms to continue to operate and stay open for the community and continue to provide this safe, sober environment for individuals who may be struggling or have recovered to interact with and help each other. We are not funded by any agency, and we are extremely grateful to those who have helped so far.It is you the local community that helps us survive, and that's why we give back to the community every opportunity we get.

We are hoping for a goal of $5000 this year to help us continue to stay open/sustainable. However if we go above it will only help us that much more. If you would like to help us out  in any way, or do not have a Facebook profile and would like to help please contact us/reach out via any of our social media links or e-mail. You can also donate directly through our website here. All proceeds will go back into the Spiritual Soldiers Coffee Compound so we can keep providing this very important service to the people in our community.


Any and all funds will go towards basically keeping the lights on, coffee supplies, and anything associated with our operations.We once again call upon the generosity of our community to help us make our goal possible. 

"What we cannot do alone, we can surely do together".

Sincerely, Spiritual Soldiers

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